Great Things Can Happen When you Drink Beer!

The Thurston Fun Run was the idea of four dads in a pub recovering from a football match they had just played. Conversation turned to ways of raising funds for improved facilities in the village that were easily accessible and affordable.

With the benefit of a 'few beers' to help the process, a 'fun run' seemd to be a great way to bring the village together. This has grown from such humble beginnings to become the fully-fledged event that it is today with runners coming from far and wide. With around 400 participants (and growing), the Thurston Fun Run has become a regular favourite on the running calendar.

A key element to the event is the balance of the 3k run for the less serious runner with the 10k run which has seen some pretty impressive performances over the years. We actively encourage any one who wishes to use their participation to raise funds for their own charitable cause and we love to see children and families taking part as well as the many villagers, friends and relations who are ever-present and cheering all the contenders on.

Unfortunately, life isn't so simple so as to be able to drink a few pints and things just happen. Doug Levey joined three of the original dads in 2012 and while the current four dads continue to fulfill this role and carry out general planning (still a bit footie too!), we greatly value the many local helpers on the day who all give their time freely to make the event happen. We simply couldn't do it without them and they deserve all our thanks.

Over the years we are fortunate to have received much positive comment, but we know we can always do better. If you have any constructive ideas that you would like to send us, please do. All we ask is that you remember that this is first and foremost a fun event and everything about it is volunteer-based. Enjoy!


Peter Skoyles

Occasional cider
and Pino Grigio

The fastest mover of all of us, Peter has run in many events in different countries and co-ordinates the infrastucture on the day!

Den Whiting

Dennis Whiting


Dennis handles all runner entry information each year and makes sure everyone has their number ready to compete.

Andy Cawdell

Andy Cawdell

Various lighter beers

AKA ' The Banker'. Andy is our treasurer and as well as keeping things running smoothly on the day, he keeps the event finances in check!

Doug Levey

Doug Levey

Still Searching for a favourite

Doug is probably the slowest mover among us and handles the web and email-related side of things as well as taking publicity photos and helping on the day.